Php Multiple file uploader
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With this Server Behavior You can upload multiple files to Your site.
This extension use a Flash upload tools so it's possible browsing multiple files in once.

After the upload you can resize the uploaded images and make thumbnails.

Feature list:
- No Limit Number of Uploaded file with multiselection of files!
- Upload folder in 3 type (Site relative, Absolute and Dynamic)
- Auto create non-existent upload directories
- Automatically remove invalid chars from filename
- Limit File Upload Extension
- Limit File Upload Size for each file and for the total upload process
- Save Uploaded File Path and sizE in your Database
- Insert one record with all the form fields value and one record for each uploaded files in separate table
- Existing Files Conflict Handling (use unique name, overwrite and skip)
- Double Progress Bar one for each file and one for the total upload process
- Progress bar customizable
- Graphic layout customizable (you can create your own layout on duplicate and modify one of the existant)

Only for Php - MySql (Php version 5.0 or more)